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RHR's Furry & Four Legged 4K Fun Run/ Walk

RHR's Furry & Four-Legged 4K Fun Run & Walk is a simple 4K (2.5 mile) pet-friendly in-town race. We encourage everyone to bring their four-legged (or one-, two-, or three-legged!) friend along for the fun!! The whole reason we are running is to raise money for the Friends of the Valdez Animal Shelter, so why not have your furry companion join the cause?! 


Don't particularily like running with animals?! That's OK... you don't HAVE to run/walk with a pet (but, come on... it's so much MORE fun that way!) You can choose to run/walk with no animal, but do understand you will be surrounded, at least we HOPE you'll be surrounded, by pets!


Join the fun, invite some friends, and PLEASE don't forget your pooch*!


*Per City Ordinances, all animals do need to be leashed.

images courtesy of : Rachel Sensabaugh, Mackenzie Jones & Sarah Jorgenson-Owen

BIG THANKS to our co-sponsor, Valdez Parks & Recreation, for their continued support of our event! And we can't forget to thank our pals at the Friends of the Valdez Animal Shelter for bringing the puppy love and four-legged friends to the race!
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