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7 Reasons to Volunteer for your local music fest

As if you really need to tally reasons to volunteer for the most exciting, free LIVE music event in Valdez, AK... here are 7 reasons why you should volunteer for RHR Music & Art Fest (and the Furry & Four-Legged 4K Fun Run)!!

1. Because you love PETS... make that animals! Both the Furry 4K & RHR Music & Art Fest pool their proceeds to benefit the Friends of the Valdez Animal Shelter.

2. Because you love PEOPLE... the other benefactor of RHR is our local public radio station, KCHU!

3. Because you love good, live music!

4. To support local musicians and promote local rising talent

5. Cuz all the cool kids volunteer for this event

6. Because as much as you hate to admit it, you're in it for the beer.

7. To meet your neighbors and make new friends... or lovers... we know what live music, beer, and dancing do to strangers. (Wink, Wink)

If you would like to Volunteer for the Furry & Four-Legged 4K Fun Run, click HERE

If you would like to Volunteer for the RHR Music & Art Festival, click HERE

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