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We're sorry we left ya hanging in 2018, but we are happy to report we are BACK IN BUSINESS, BABY!! RHR Music & Art Fest will be back to rock your world and amaze your senses on August 24, 2019 at the John Kelsey Dock Uplands. Sadly, our beloved Pringle has been retired by the City of Valdez, but a little change in scenery isn't going to dampen our excitement over this year's event.

During our year off, we regrouped as a committee and created our own 501c3 identity. Richardson Highway Rendezvous is now incorporated and is it's own non-profit. We hope that with this new status we can reserve funds each season, for future music and arts festivals and possible arts and music scholarships.

Cordova has the Salmon Jam, Girdwood has the Forest Fair, now Valdez has the Richardson Highway Rendezvous!

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