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2020 RHR Music & Art Fest Canceled due to COVID-19

We know... it freaking sucks, doesn't it?! All the things we look forward to the most in the Valdez summer are getting canceled due to COVID-19... including rocking out with friends and family at RHR! No one is more bummed about this cancellation than our committed team of volunteers and board members who tried to come up with every possible scenario to provide a rocking good time within CDC guidelines and measures. Let's be real- it's not just our health at risk- it's our friends, families, and community's health as well. So we had to make the tough (& unpopular) decision to cancel the 2020 Music & Art Fest for the well-being of Valdez. We know you don't have to agree with that decision, but we appreciate your acceptance of why we made it! Trust us-- we can't wait until COVID-19's butt is kicked and we can start PARTYING again!!

We love ya, Valdez- stay safe and well -

the Rockin' RHR Board & Members

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